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The Legacy He Left Behind

Of course, with his well-known restaurants on what seems to be every block, Ray Kroc has left a huge legacy behind.
Quality: Not Only in Food, but in a Person


Ray Kroc is remembered by many as a hard-working man who cared about his customers and employees alike.

Ray Kroc believed that "the strength of McDonalds is our crew" and was sure to treat his employees right and made sure each employee was properly trained to produce quality and clean food.  Also, when faced with of whether or not to place a McDonald's franchise in the ever popular Walt Disney World, Kroc turned down what would have surely been a profitable investment because Disney would only let him open in his amusement park if Kroc raised his prices by 5 cents so Disney would profit as well. Despite the opportunity to make a fortune, Kroc refused to franchise in Disney and stood by his loyal customers, not wanting to increase the prices of his menu on them.

The "Golden Arches" Landmark

Since 1955, the fast food industry has grown greatly thanks to the many innovations and contributions made to the field by Ray Kroc. Now there are McDonald's restaurants in over 119 countries, with over 32,000 restaurants that serve over 60 million people a day. The signature "golden arches" of McDonald's are well known, and serve as a landmark for travellers on the road and families in search of a quality meal alike.

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