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The Start of Fast Food


In the 1950's, most restaurants were drive-ins, diners, and traditional dine-in eateries. Fast food found its origins from the White Castle fast food hamburger chain. Though started before McDonald's, the White Castle food chain is lesser known today than the ever popular, well-known McDonald's.

The first McDonalds Bar-B-Q, opening in 1940.

The McDonald Brothers


In 1940 Dick and Mac McDonald opened the first McDonald's featuring an extensive Menu and drive in Bar-B-Que restaurant, in San Bernadino, California.  Their inspiration for the Bar-B-Q joint was a local hot dog stand that always seemed to summon plenty of funds.  Using a five-thousand dollar loan the brothers opened the first McDonalds on fourteenth and E streets.  The boys closed down McDonalds in 1948 and reopened with a smaller menu and self service.  The focal point of the menu was the 15 cent hamburger and they served cusomers quickly with what they called the Speedee System. 

McDonalds after it's reopening in 1948.

From Barbeque to Burgers


After the McDonalds brothers grand opening it was clear that the restaurant that started as a Bar-B-Q had turned into a burger joint. As shown in the photo above brothers theorry to attract customers was to vocalize and emphasize the great value of the 15 cent hamburger.  As well the restaurant reopened the menu was much smaller in order to feed customers quickly.  Once Ray Kroc became franchising manager of McDonalds in 1954 these 15 cent hamburgers began gaining a reputation of quality and delicious taste.

An original multimixer.

Ray Kroc


In 1954, Ray Kroc journeyed west to San Bernadino, California to visit the McDonald's Bar-B-Q restaurant, his interest piqued by the order for 8 of his Prince Castle Multi-Mixers made by the establishment. Here he found the McDonald brothers in need of a franchising agent, and Kroc quickly offered to take the position. Through hiring Ray Kroc, business for the McDonald brothers staterd booming.

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